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    Government authorises export of 24,000 tons of pellets

    The Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) has announced that the Government of Serbia, at the initiative of the members of the Chamber, approved a quota for the export of pellets in the amount of 24,000 tons by the end of January 2023.

    “The export money will be aimed at settling the already accumulated costs, paying the suppliers of raw materials, paying for energy products and salaries to the employees.”

    This measure will also have positive effects on foreign buyers, partners abroad who have waited patiently for the opening, said the secretary of the Association for Energy and Mining of SCC Ljubinko Savic.

    He added that the energy crisis affected the increase in prices and costs of production and fuel for transport, which negatively affected the business operation of pellet producers, and regulated prices and the export ban that entered into force in August 2022 further hampered the business operation of producers and their regular functioning.

    Last week, the owner of Bioenergy Point, Zoran Drakulic, criticised the ban on the export of pellets, saying that huge quantities of this energy product were produced and accumulated on the domestic market, but that the sale stopped because there was no demand.

    „We did not take advantage of the situation when there was a high demand on the foreign market of pellets and now we do not know what to do with goods that cannot be sold and salary payments,“ said the head of the largest pellet producer in Serbia.

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