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    Tax as evidence that the citizens of Nis work more and more

    The budget of the city of Nis in the first nine months of this year is mostly filled by the income and property taxes paid by citizens and the total revenues of the City are higher by 270 million dinars compared to the same period last year.

    According to the Secretariat for Finances, the highest amount of money from the city budget was spent on goods and services and salaries of the employees, a total of nearly three billion dinars.

    From January to September 2018, the amount of 2.58 billion dinars was received from the income tax, says Danijela Spasovic of the Secretariat, and the property tax „brought“ 726 million dinars to the city budget.

    Revenues from income tax amount to about 160 million dinars more than last year. Property tax is higher by 22.5 million dinars compared to the same period last year. This means that we have a larger number of employees and that the property tax is paid by more taxpayers, explains Spasovic.

    The total execution of revenues for the first 9 months is 85.45%, and current revenues are higher by 264 million dinars compared to the previous year. The realization of expenditures in 2018 was 80.10%, but the realization of the planned investments was (only) 61.8%.

    The biggest expenditures from the city budget were the employees’ salaries – 1.43 billion dinars and for goods and services close to 1.57 billion.

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