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    Jorgovanka Tabaković, inflacija

    Tabakovic: I often ask Vucic if Serbian people deserve him

    Governor of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS), Jorgovanka Tabakovic, has said that her decision to allow for the foreign Master and Visa cards to be treated equally in Serbia, saves approximately EUR 30 million in the country every year.

    Tabakovic rejected criticism from independent MP Vladan Glisic that she continued the same policy as her predecessors, who sold all domestic banks.

    Glisic said that while she was in the opposition, Tabakovic criticised such a policy, and then continued to work so that there was no inflation, but that everything went to the advantage of foreign bankers.

    Tabakovic used the metaphor that “society is not a ship that you can pull ashore and fix, but it sails and cannot make a turn at once.”

    She added that she suffered pressure when she proposed the law for the Dina card to be mandatory, along with others.

    “Even then, I asked the person who is for me, a man who, in terms of courage and honesty, cannot be compared to anyone. I often say to him ‘Aleksandar, are these people worthy of you?’ I asked him if I had the support of the parliamentary majority and he told me that I did have it,” Tabakovic explained.


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