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    „Surplus and all the industries are growing“

    Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali has said that the budget surplus in January will exceed the planned RSD 7.8 billion.

    „We are no longer an over-indebted country and we are steadily managing public finances,“ Mali said at the celebration of the Customs Day, recalling that at the end of last year, the surplus in the budget was 32.2 billion dinars.

    He recalled that the share of public debt in the gross domestic product was reduced in five years from 78 percent to 50.1 percent last year.

    As he added, since 2013 the unemployment rate was reduced from more than 25 percent to 11.3 percent in the last quarter of last year.

    „After many years of lagging behind, Serbia is on the path of economic recovery,“ Mali said.

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    Foto: Beta/Branislav Božić

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