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    Small businesses WARN the state: Do not make us TURN OFF the tap

    The Association „Protector of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen of Serbia“ has announced that it will organize a protest in Belgrade again because it did not receive a response to the requests sent to the Government of Serbia and competent ministries eight days ago.

    „Instead of answers, we received populist statements and announcements, a weekend ban, new parafiscal levies and many misdemeanour charges, as if we were the worst criminals, and not people owing to whom the public sector lives generously, including ministers who do not have time to talk to those who pay their salaries,“ it is stated in the announcement of the Association.

    It is added that small businesses are „capable of helping themselves“.

    „Do not force us to turn off the tap and redirect funds to ourselves instead of the budget. Then you can make a living from foreign investors,“ it is emphasized in the announcement of the Association „Protector of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen of Serbia“.

    The members of that association organized  a protest on December 2 in front of the Ministry of Finance, where they submitted requests for small companies and entrepreneurs to be written off taxes and contributions for the months for which the state paid the minimum wages or part of the wages, as well as for assistance to vulnerable sectors.

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