Slovenia's door OPEN TO WORKERS from Serbia

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    Slovenia’s door OPEN TO WORKERS from Serbia

    The agreement on the employment of Serbian citizens in Slovenia was ratified in the parliament of that country, as agreed by the prime ministers of the two countries last year. In the future, workers from Serbia should be able to find employment in Slovenia more easily. However, protectors of workers’ rights in the country warn about a discriminatory provision of the law according to which an employee must remain employed with the same employer in the first 12 months. According to the formal procedure, an employer from Slovenia informs the unemployment service that he needs employees of a certain profile. If the Slovenian Unemployment Service finds out that there are no available domestic workers, it sends a request to an appropriate organization in Serbia. In such cases, workers from Serbia very quickly get 1-year work permits. The condition is that they are unemployed and that they were registered with the unemployment service for at least one day. In practice, however, it works differently. An employer advertises a need for workers on a job portal. Workers from Serbia then establish contact with potential employers themselves and wait for the unemployment service to send a request to which they would formally respond. So far, Slovenia has had such an agreement with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is estimated that about 50,000 workers from BiH thus found a job in Slovenia.

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