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    How Serbian entrepreneurs are trying to „CASH IN ON“ labour force shortage in Croatia

    For several years, since Croatia has been facing the shortage of labour force more seriously, there are more and more offers in Serbia for jobs in that country. Demand particularly increases in summer months due to the tourist season on the Adriatic coast. Therefore, we conducted a small survey on our Facebook page and asked our readers if they would go to work in Croatia. The reason for this was the growing number of articles in the local media which write about „tempting“ offers coming from the neighbouring country, that is, about monthly wages exceeding 1,000 euros. In this survey, more than half of the respondents (57%) said they would not work in Croatia. We do not know to what extent our fans were rational in their responses or driven by emotions. However, the fact is that there is serious interest. If we trust our media, our neighbours desperately need seasonal workers. As a country from the Balkans that joined the EU, Croatia is troubled by labour force issues. A large number of citizens go to work mostly in Germany, and the country is losing labour force. The most dramatic situation is in the health and hospitality sector. Of course, the hunt for workers takes place in the neighbourhood, and, according to reports, this country lacks 70,000 workers. Workers are mainly sought in the hospitality sector, due to the upcoming tourist season, especially cooks and waiters. As the media reported, salaries for workers in this sector are 1000 euros or higher. It is also reported that this sector lacks most workers in the domain of assistant workers in tourism (7,000), while among individual professions, it lacks as many as 1,000 chefs. However, as it usually happens, „Serbian entrepreneurs“ who watch the news have recognized this as an opportunity to earn money, and these days a new website emerged that offers jobs in Croatia to the citizens of Serbia, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia. The website made by Zoran Torbica, an internet entrepreneur, offers free ads to employers in the promo period, and the idea is to pay for the service based on the principle of well-known websites offering job ads. For now, no advertisement for a job in Croatia can be found on this website.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Pixabay

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