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    „Situation is alarming, close catering facilities as of 5 pm“

    Virologist and professor at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade, Tanja Jovanovic, states that the epidemiological situation in Serbia is alarming and that it is necessary to introduce restrictive measures in order to bring the epidemic under control.

    Jovanovic said for RTS TV that after 5 pm, catering facilities should be closed, but that grocery stores, pharmacies and possibly fuel stations should be allowed to operate.

    „We have epidemiological measures on paper, but we act as if they do not exist. We do not have an inspection that could fine individuals who do not adhere to them. If we respected the basic measures, the situation would be dramatically different,“ Tanja Jovanovic said.

    She assesses that it is too late to introduce Covid passes and that in the first place it is necessary to establish control over the epidemic.

    „In this, fourth wave, the epidemic has reached its peak. There are huge numbers of infected and hospitalised individuals, there are huge queues in front of covid clinics, and we have patients with very difficult symptoms,“ she stated.

    She added that we were in a dramatic situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic and that the biggest priority should be mass vaccination with the first dose of the vaccine.

    Jovanovic pointed out that at the moment there was „an epidemic of the unvaccinated“, who could possibly develop severe symptoms, adding that the vaccines used in Serbia still protected against the delta strain of the coronavirus.

    Izvor: RTS

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