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    SIBERIAN WELLNESS company takes over Dahlia factory

    The international company Siberian Wellness has become the new owner of the factory Dahlia, which produces the brands Becollino, Hera and the iconic shaving and skin care lotions Brion. The contract worth 15 million euros covers the value of land, production complex, technology and equipment.

    With the takeover of the Dahlia cosmetics manufacturing plant, the acquisition process was completed. In addition to the existing capacity of the production platforms, opportunities for production expansion are opened up. We will launch local production of certain Siberian Wellness products, expand the range of existing brands, improve the composition and try to make sure that the recipes do not only include the fruits of Siberian, but also of Serbian nature. Thanks to this, we believe that we will restore Dahlia’s reputation as a regional leader, said Tatjana Gorohovska, president of Siberian Wellness.

    The Siberian Wellness company plans to perform rebranding and preserve the recognizability of products that consumers are used to in the region, but also to make them more interesting to modern consumers. What is most important is that the products will be of better quality and even more natural.

    Siberian Wellness has been present on the Serbian market for almost 10 years. The brand has an excellent reputation – clients associate it with quality and effectiveness. All the products from the Siberian Wellness range are made in accordance with the strictest international quality standards. The company operates within the global expansion strategy and the production platform in Serbia reveals new opportunities to work in the Balkans, Europe and Turkey, said Dragana Orlandic, CEO of Dahlia.

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