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    SERBIA between Cambodia and Sierra Leone:Croatia 81 places AHEAD of us

    The latest report of the World Economic Forum onthe quality of roads in the world for 2017-2018 placed Serbia between Cambodiaand Sierra Leone, ranked 100th on the list, ranking a total of 137 countries,with an average score of 3.2 (the maximum score is 7). Although this sounds pretty bad, it must be noted thatin comparison with the previous report of the World Economic Forum on roadquality, Serbia advanced by 15 places. Furthermore,this report certainly did not include the progress that Serbia achieved by theopening of the last uncompleted section of the southern branch of Corridor 10through the Grdelica Gorge, and according to the announcements of the top stateofficials, the eastern branch of Corridor 10 should soon be completed. When it comes to the countries of the region, the bestranked in the report is Croatia, ranked 19th among the countries with the bestroads. However, in comparison to the previous report, Croatia dropped on thelist, since it used to be ranked 18th. Greeceis ranked 44th with an average score of 4.5, Slovenia is 51st with a score of4.4, Albania is 57th with a score of 4.3, Montenegro is 88th on the list withan average score of 3.5, Bosnia and Herzegovina 109th with an average score of3.0, while Romania is ranked 120th with an average score of 2.7. The top ranked country on this list is the United ArabEmirates, followed by Singapore, followed by Switzerland, Hong Kong, theNetherlands, Japan, France, Portugal, Austria, the United States…

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