Serbia among the POOR countries in Europe when it comes to water resources

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    Serbia among the POOR countries in Europe when it comes to water resources

    Serbia does not have significant amounts of its own water resources, which makes it one of the poorest areas in Europe with 1,840 cubic metres per capita per year.

    The situation is mitigated by the fact that transit waters of the Danube and its tributaries, with an average of 5,850 cubic metres per second, are used at the same time, the Serbian Institute for Nature Conservation announced on the occasion of the World Water Day, i.e. March 22nd.

    The fundamental resource for supplying the population and industry with water in Serbia is groundwater, which participates in the total water supply with more than 90 percent. However, it is not sufficiently utilized and is mostly consumed irrationally, the Institute pointed out in a statement.

    It is also stated that in areas that lack usable groundwater, river water is used more and more, i.e. water from artificial lakes – reservoirs.

    In 1992, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution, celebrating March 22nd each year as the World Water Day, with the aim of enabling access to fresh drinking water and providing basic sanitation for everyone.

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