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    Serbia 28th MOST SUCCESSFUL country at the Olympics

    After the last day of the competitions at the Olympic Games, Serbia is ranked 28th in terms of success with a total of nine medals won.

    Until the last day, the athletes of the United States of America and China fought fiercely for the title of the most successful nation at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and on the last day, the Americans finally prevailed.

    The United States was the only one to win over 100 medals, more precisely 113, of which 39 gold, 41 silver and 33 bronze.

    China remained in second place with 88 medals won (38+32+18).

    They are followed by the athletes from Japan with 58 medals (27+14+17), followed by the British athletes with 65 medals (22+21+22) and the Russian Olympic Committee, which won 71 medals in Tokyo (20+28+23).

    Serbia is the second best ranked among the countries in the region and it is ranked 28th on the overall list with nine medals won.

    Milica Mandic, Jovana Prekovic and water polo players won three gold medals at this year’s Olympic Games, Damir Mikec brought silver to Serbia and five bronze medals were won by basketball players, volleyball players, Milenko Sebic, Tijana Bogdanovic and Zurabi Datunashvili.

    Ahead of Serbia, Croatia is ranked 26th with eight medals won (3+3+2), Slovenia is ranked 31st with five medals (3+1+1), Kosovo is ranked 44th with two gold medals, and North Macedonia is ranked 77th with one silver medal.

    Izvor: Danas

    Foto: Beta/AP

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