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    SCC: Merchants supply stores on a daily basis

    Despite the challenges faced by the supply chain globally and locally, together with suppliers, merchants fill in the product ranges of stores on a daily basis, according to the Group of Food Wholesalers and Retailers of the SCC.

    „The demand for basic foods that are covered by the Regulation of the Government of Serbia in the past three months was higher by 20 percent compared to the same period last year,“ the statement said.

    They also pointed out that „merchants support state institutions and businesses’ efforts to accept inflationary pressure on their business and ensure adequate supply by operating at a profit rate of 3.5 percent.“

    They add that more than 85% of products on store shelves are those created in Serbia, which, as they say, creates additional stability and security in supply, especially in times of crisis.

    They also state that the Serbian market is one of the few in Europe that, during the peak of the covid pandemic, operated without disturbances,“ precisely thanks to the diligence of retailers“.

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