"Sava" bread rises in price: it will cost RSD 49 instead of RSD 46

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    “Sava” bread rises in price: it will cost RSD 49 instead of RSD 46

    The Regulation on the limitation of the price of bread made of flour type 500 expires today, and according to the announcements by the competent ministry at the session of the Government of Serbia, it will be extended for 90 more days, which implies that bread will increase in price by RSD 3.

    Uros Kandic, State Secretary of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, said that the Regulation on mandatory production and sale of type 500 flour bread would be extended for three more months.

    This means that, as he says, the maximum retail price of this bread will be RSD 49, while it used to be RSD 46.

    Why is bread rising in price?

    “We are now increasing the price by three dinars, because from November to the present day, when the regulation was first adopted, the prices of all inputs have increased. We are thus trying to protect the business operation of bakers, and, at the same time, by keeping the price of bread at the most affordable level in this part of Europe, we are doing everything to ensure that our citizens still have the cheapest bread in the region,” Kandic told RTS TV.

    The previous Regulation on the maximum retail price of type 500 flour bread, known as “sava”, was adopted by the Government of Serbia six months ago. The price of this bread was limited to RSD 46 at the time.

    Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matic, said at the time that this was done in order to ensure the supply of the market with this bread and so that no major changes in its price would occur.

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