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    Sapic: GSP drivers need RSD 100,000 not to go abroad

    Mayor of Belgrade, Aleksandar Sapic, recently said that the City Administration would try to provide drivers in the city transportation company GSP with the best possible salary so that they would not go abroad.

    „We have already taken steps in this direction to try to make the salary of drivers in GSP, with hot meals and various benefits, about RSD 100,000 very quickly, which I think in our circumstances is a salary that is as decent as possible, so that they do not have to go abroad,“ Sapic said.

    Sapic pointed out that there were currently about 2,600 drivers in GSP who were driving, and that 500 more should be in rotation if there were any problems, if someone went on sick leave…

    „We have 300 at the moment, we lack 200 more, but that does not currently jeopardize the operation of GSP,“ Sapic said.

    Responding to a reporters’ question about media reports concerning the arrival of new drivers from Sri Lanka – what kind of training they will undergo, whether they have all the licenses and what the cause is for us to import labour force from abroad, Sapic said that he had no information that GSP intended to hire foreigners.

    „Of course a driver passes all the necessary controls and must have authorization and permits in order to drive, but whether they come from Sri Lanka I do not know. I have no information that GSP intends to hire any of the foreign drivers, maybe if there is a need for that, but this is mainly related to private carriers,“ the mayor explained.

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