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    Sapic announces construction of new garages: We are solving the lack of parking spaces

    Belgrade’s Mayor Aleksandar Sapic visited today the works on the construction of a public underground garage under the plateau of the Pinki Hall which will cover more than five thousand square meters and it will have 150 parking spaces.

    On that occasion, Sapic emphasized that by the end of this calendar year, the plateau should be finalized, and that below it there should be a truly functional garage that is necessary for this part of the city.

    Parking is becoming one of the most serious problems in all municipalities, as well as European and world capitals. The city of Belgrade has not worked much on resolving this issue in the last few decades and we are now in a situation where we really have a serious parking problem because even the infrastructure itself does not give much space, and the construction of new ones requires the closure of a large area and the halt of public transport. All this does not mean that we should not tackle this problem,“ Sapic said.

    The mayor announced that, practically with the completion of this garage, the construction of a garage in Skerliceva Street with 368 parking spaces would begin.

    In the next seven days, works will also begin on the construction of an underground garage in Vlajkoviceva Street, which we are constructing with our Chinese partners. The capacity of this garage is 284 parking spaces. The garage in Sonje Marinkovic Street in Zemun is in a preparatory phase, which should have about 300 parking spaces,“ announced the top official of Belgrade.

    Discussions about the financing model

    The mayor said that permits were being obtained for more than ten new locations for future garages and that talks were being held with the representatives of the Government of Serbia regarding the financing model. He expressed the expectation that in a few months the City would be able to come up with a concrete plan, in order to strategically and in the long term solve the issue of missing parking spaces.

    Sapic also recalled that the Assembly of the City of Belgrade made an important decision last year regarding the construction and functioning of private garages.

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