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    SALARY UP TO EUR 1,500: Some craftsmen in Serbia can earn as much as IT experts

    On the market of jobs that do not require a high level of education, it is most difficult to get staff in the field of body care and beauty, catering, construction and mechanical engineering, says Milos Turinski from Infostud for RTS TV.

    He points out that Serbia lacks carpenters, rebar fixers, builders, joiners, potters, but also hairdressers, cooks, bakers, waiters…

    Due to salaries lower than the regional average, working conditions that are below the standard, unpaid contributions or overtime work, distance from work place, the offered jobs that require lower qualifications are most often rejected, RTS TV reports.

    It is pointed out that the problem is that not all employers can offer high salaries and excellent working conditions, so for years now there has been a deficit and the struggle of employers to attract and retain available staff.

    Crafts are very important, he points out and notes that these are jobs that can bring pretty high earnings.

    „I mention this mostly because of all those who are yet to go to school. Because they run away from those jobs, they run away because they think that those jobs are less valuable, that they will not do well on the labour market. They think that they should enrol in college in order to get a job more easily, but in fact the situation on our market has changed,“ he says.

    Up to EUR 1,500 to hairdressers

    As an example, he mentions hairdressers, who can earn up to 1,500 euros and even more.

    „Many employers offer the lowest salaries from RSD 30,000 to 40,000. On the other hand, there are often no applications for such ads. However, we also had employers looking for a quality hairdresser and offering salaries of RSD 80,000-100,000. Once, there was even an initial salary of EUR 1,500, and we often have hundreds of applications for such ads,“ Turinski emphasized.

    He also says that in Serbia, regardless of the time of year and season, traders and sellers are needed.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Pixabay

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