Russians completed 38 percent of contracted works in Serbia

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    Russians completed 38 percent of contracted works in Serbia

    Zorana Mihajlovic, Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, has said that with the first Deputy CEO of the Russian Railways, Alexandear Misharin, she has visited the construction sites on which this company operates in Serbia and that 38% of the contracted works have been completed so far.

    The Russian Railways company is working in Serbia on the projects of the Belgrade-Bar high-speed railway, the Stara Pazova-Novi Sad section and others, and they are implemented from the so-called “Russian loan”.

    “Today’s meeting is important because we made preparations for the arrival of Russian President Putin in January. We discussed how to improve Russian relations with regard to project financing, and above all the construction of the Dispatching Center, for which we signed an agreement two years ago in Moscow. Serbia’s priority now is the development of rail transport,” said Mihajlovic.

    She added that the current plan was to reconstruct the Bar railway and Corridor 10, that 77 kilometers of that railway had been reconstructed so far, and that they wanted to continue with that project.

    “Today we also talked about the new Russian loan, because we have already negotiated 90% of this loan. We will soon organize a mixed committee of the Russian Federation and Serbia. We also discussed the rehabilitation and maintenance of existing railways. These are serious investment projects, railways on which trains should travel up to 200 kilometers per hour,” Mihajlovic said.

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