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    RTS claims to have fewer reruns than BBC and average salary of EUR 650

    Public broadcaster Radio-televizija Srbije has submitted to the National Assembly a Report on operations for last year, which states that it had a net profit of RSD 2.8 billion.

    In 2020, Radio-televizija Srbije (RTS) generated revenue of RSD 13.5 billion, according to the Report on RTS operations for last year, which was submitted to the National Assembly, and to which Danas daily had access.

    As stated, revenue consists of a fee for public media services in the amount of RSD 8.6 billion, a budget subsidy of 1.7 billion, revenue from marketing and commercial activities in the amount of 2.9 billion, financial revenues of 26 million, other revenues of 153 million and earmarked donations of RSD 35 million.

    When it comes to expenditures, the Report states that the total costs and expenses of RTS in 2020 amounted to RSD 10.143 billion.

    According to the Report, last year, the amount of RSD 3,968,463 was allocated for salaries in RTS, so in the structure of total costs, salaries account for 39 percent.

    „The average salary in 2020, per employee of RTS is RSD 106,473 gross, and RSD 76,279 net (approximately EUR 648 at the average exchange rate for 2020 of RSD 117.58)“, the Report lists.

    When it comes to other personal income, it is stated that the total costs for last year were realized in the amount of RSD 117 million, and they include – compensation of transportation costs for arrival to and departure from work, New Year’s gifts and other presents, solidarity benefits, scholarships, tuition fees and other.

    It is interesting that, according to the Report, RTS has 2,619 employees, and 2,603 of them have permanent contracts, while 16 employees have fixed-term contracts, and compared to 2014, the number of employees is reduced by 927 positions.

    In the Report, RTS claims that it has fewer reruns „than the great British BBC, with a budget more than fifty times bigger than ours“.

    Izvor: Danas

    Foto: BIZLife

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