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    „RETURN to villages of Serbia begins“: First 14 contracts on DESIGNATION OF RURAL houses signed

    Minister of Rural Welfare, Milan Krkobabic, has signed the first 14 contracts on the allocation of grants for the purchase of village houses with gardens, with the mayors and presidents of the municipalities in which houses are located, and with the future tenants as well.

    Tripartite agreements with the minister were signed by 12 families from the entire territory of Serbia and two young farmers, resolved to start independent life in the countryside, and the value of the contracts is RSD 16 million in total.

    This program stipulates awarding grants to young married and unmarried couples, single parents and young farmers up to the age of 45, for the purchase of a country house with a garden, which can be located anywhere in Serbia, except in city and municipal areas and suburbs.

    Biljana Radenkovic from Vladicin Han, who will live with her family in the village of Repince, said that this was an encouragement to young married couples and families to move to the countryside and live in a healthy and natural environment.

    „We should go back to nature and work in the field of agriculture, crafts and tradition. The idea of the Ministry is to go back to our roots,“ Radenkovic said.

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