Raspberry producers stopped their protest, minister expressed gratitude

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    Raspberry producers stopped their protest, minister expressed gratitude

    Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimovic has expressed gratitude to raspberry producers for stopping their protest near Prijepolje and has announced that tomorrow he will talk with them about raspberry production, but not about purchase price since it is determined by the market.

    Nedimovic has stated with “Radio televizija Srbije” (RTS) that raspberry producers have decided to stop the protest because they have listened to appeals by president and prime minister and solution to their problems is not road blockage but negotiations.

    “I will meet them tomorrow at 10 o’clock and we shall discuss how state can find ways to aid them in reducing production costs and how we can react to new market conditions that are not favourable,” Nedimovic has said.

    He has said that record-breaking amount of raspberry was exported from Serbia until May, around 90,000 tonnes, thus it is normal that market changes occur, i.e. a decrease in demand.

    Nedimovic has expressed hope that raspberry producers and owners of cold storages will manage to reach a compromise in their talks, as that is in their mutual interest.

    “Wishes are one thing, reality is something else, thus we will see what will happen to the price, but it is in the interest of owners of cold storages to find common grounds with raspberry producers, otherwise next year they will have something to think about if current production goes to waste. We have other opponents on the market,” Nedimovic has evaluated.

    Raspberry producers, who held the road from Prijepolje to Bijelo Polje under blockage, decided to stop the road blockage and their protest last night, following their meeting with an MP of Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Krsto Janjusevic.

    They held road under blockage as of Saturday, displeased with purchase price, especially with daily price from RSD50 to RSD80 that was offered.

    Producers have pointed out in their demands that realistic price is RSD180.

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