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    Quarterly Monitor: Serbia’s GDP will drop significantly

    The growth of gross domestic product (GDP) in Serbia will be significantly lower than the planned growth of 4.5 percent this year due to the energy crisis and the acceleration of inflation in the world, poor management of Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) and Srbijagas, the war in Ukraine and the deterioration of foreign trade trends, as experts said at the presentation of the Quarterly Monitor publication.

    It is almost certain that, as estimated in the publication published by the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade and the Foundation for the Development of Economic Science (FREN), GDP growth in 2022 will be significantly lower than the planned 4.5 percent, which will interrupt the relatively high economic growth from the previous year, but it is still too early to estimate how high this growth could be.

    Inflation, they said, will continue to rise – both overall and core inflation.

    Professor of the Faculty of Economics and editor-in-chief of the Quarterly Monitor, Milojko Arsic, said that double-digit inflation could be expected in Serbia during the second quarter of this year and that it would be affected by the rise in prices of primary products in whose production Ukraine and Russia participate significantly, and which are used as inputs in most production processes.

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