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    Protests across Serbia: Thousands on Gazela Bridge, fight in Novi Sad (PHOTO/VIDEO)

    Mass protests and blockades were organized on Saturday in several cities across Serbia due to the adoption of the Expropriation Act. Belgrade was under a complete blockade, and there was a mass fight in Novi Sad.

    Immediately after the blockade of the intersections of Bulevar Oslobodjenja and Bulevar Narodnog fronta, i.e. Liberty Bridge, at 2 pm in Novi Sad on Saturday, a mass fight broke out after about twenty young men got out of a column of cars and clashed with protesters.

    According to a reporter of the Beta agency who was at the scene, about a hundred people took part in the fight and some were injured, while the young men who caused the fight fled the scene.

    According to eyewitness statements, the young men who caused the fight had come from the direction of the column of stopped vehicles, but they were not in that column.

    After about ten minutes, a group of young men who provoked protesters came back and a new incident took place, as well as a widespread fight, when a young man from the group of provocateurs threw a stone into a crowd, after which a stampede and a widespread fight broke out.

    According to eyewitnesses, there was „total confusion“ at the scene and some people were also injured.

    According to the information from the field, there were also attacks on journalists reporting from the protest in Novi Sad, and a cameraman of the Independent Association of Journalists of Vojvodina was sprayed directly in the eyes with pepper spray by provocateurs while filming the event.

    Thousands of people who gathered in Belgrade at the protest against the adoption of the Expropriation Act and the announcement of the opening of a lithium mine near Loznica blocked the highway in front of the Sava Centre at about 2 pm.


    Citizens blocked traffic on Branko’s Bridge and Pancevo Bridge and on the Slavija roundabout.

    One of the organizers of the protest, Savo Manojlovic from the Kreni-Promeni initiative, said that a large number of the citizens of Serbia had come to the protests and that the protest roadblocks were organized at more than 47 locations.

    Manojlovic told the Beta agency that, according to current information, everything went well, except for the incidents that took place in Novi Sad and Stara Pazova.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Beta

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