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    Producers OUTRAGED by meat price limitation

    Most meat sellers in Serbia believe that due to the Government’s decision to return the prices of some categories of pork to a lower level by 20-30 percent, they will be operating at a loss; for few slaughterhouses it is the right decision, and pig breeders are outraged and will request an urgent meeting with the president of the state, Aleksandar Vucic.

    Co-owner of the meat producer Matijevic Zoran Matijevic has told the Beta agency that since this morning, meat in the stores of that company has been sold at the prescribed prices and that for one day alone the difference between these and previous, freely formed prices is four million dinars.

    The Government of Serbia, by amending the existing Regulation on limiting the price of basic foods, stipulated that the price of pork leg must not exceed RSD 709, pork shoulders RSD 699, and meat from pork neck with bones can be sold for a maximum of RSD 595, which will also be the price of pork loin with bones.

    Pork meat is not a social category. What contributed to the price limitation were probably allegations that pork leg meat costs over 1,000 dinars, but the purchase priceof live cattle also increased from 240 to 270 dinars per kilogram,“Matijevic said.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Pixabay

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