President's new promise, he reveals when he will get vaccinated

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    President’s new promise, he reveals when he will get vaccinated

    President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said today that he would be vaccinated when the number of revaccinated exceeded one million, which, as he said, would happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

    He called on citizens to get vaccinated

    “I will get vaccinated on Monday or Tuesday in a small place in Serbia, and then there will be enough vaccines for people to be vaccinated,” Vucic told reporters after visiting the works on the construction of the Moravian Corridor.

    He called on the citizens of Serbia to get vaccinated, stating that “the numbers of those infected in Belgrade are slightly dropping” and that the reason for decline was the vaccination.

    Radovanovic: We are in the black zone

    Epidemiologist Zoran Radovanovic said today that in terms of the number of newly infected on a daily basis, as well as the percentage of infected compared to the number of tested, Serbia was currently in the “black” zone.

    He recalled that for days, the number of new cases of infection was around 5,000, and the percentage of those infected was around 35%.

    We are in the black zone, if we take into account the percentage of newly infected, the situation is dramatic, but we have not taken the appropriate measures since St. George’s Day,” Radovanovic told N1 TV.

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