President "gives in": Controlled export of wheat and refilling fuel canisters

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    President “gives in”: Controlled export of wheat and refilling fuel canisters

    President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, has said that controlled export of wheat will be allowed under the contracts of the states from the region, first to Albania.

    At the opening of the Teklas automotive factory in Vranje, responding to journalists’ questions about the ban on cereal export, he said that at the time of the ban on export, there were contracts for the export of 350,000 tons of wheat.

    “At that time, I said stop the export, because 800,000 tons would disappear from the commodity reserves,” Vucic said. He added that merchants, not farmers, were requesting export, primarily Aleksandar Kostic, and the others whose names he did not know.

    Vucic pointed out that what was left of the wheat would be purchased by the state at market prices and that there would be at least 20% more in stock than consumption.

    According to him, this is “prudent behaviour”.

    Vucic also said that the market of petrol and petroleum products had “calmed down” because sufficient quantities and “decent” prices had been secured.

    He announced that the problem of allowing registered agricultural households to refill fuel canisters would also be solved by Wednesday, since the Regulation on the Limitation of the Prices of Petroleum Products stipulates that euro diesel should only be poured into the drive tanks of agricultural machines.

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