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    Pre-subsidy cuts: Belgrade reduces number of taxi drivers by THIRD

    According to the decision of the City of Belgrade, published in the Official Gazette, the number of registered taxi drivers will be reduced by a third. That decision should enter into force from 1 January next year. According to the city’s decision, there should be 4,149 taxi drivers in Belgrade from the start of the new year. There will be no lists, abrupt deletions, whoever works properly will stay in business. The decrease will occur gradually. „There is permanent incapacity, retirement, termination of work due to some criminal offenses or failure to pay state obligations,“ said president of the Federation of Taxi Associations of Serbia, Aleksandar Bjelic. At a time when the number of residents is increasing, more and more business people and tourists are coming, the number of taxi drivers is decreasing. Increasing the number of taxi drivers will depend primarily on the suppression of the gray economy, which, according to Bjelic, includes the use of various apps. According to him, the intention of the City is to truly regulate this service, and one way is for the state to subsidize the purchase of new vehicles.

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