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    Plum brandy SAILS across oceans: Liquor export spikes by 75 percent

    The export of liquor from the Sumadija and Pomoravlje regions, including brandy, has recorded a 75 percent spike and it is expected to exceed one million euros by the end of this year. President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Kragujevac, Predrag Lucic, has told reporters that in the first nine months, export growth of 75 percent was recorded, and that the value of the export of strong alcoholic beverages was 814,000 euros. In the area of Sumadija and Pomoravlje there are about 40 producers of fruit brandy, with several leaders in export. Lucic said that as much as two-thirds of the total export of fruit brandy produced in Sumadija and Pomoravlje went to the US and Australian markets. „This information speaks volumes about the importance, quality and branding of our brandies because they are practically dominant on the most demanding markets of the world,“ Lucic said at a conference announcing the first Sumadija Brandy Festival in Kragujevac. The brandy festival in Kragujevac will be held on 5 December at Kragujevac Hotel, with 35 participants, 30 of which are producers of fruit brandy, and five are distilleries of Sumadija plum brandy. According to Goran Mijailovic, President of the Regional Association of Brandy Producers „Sumadijska rakija“, the „brandy culture“ will also be promoted at the festival, and the plan of the National Association of Brandy Producers is to „patent“ the Serbian brandy in the future.

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