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    Photo news: Belgrade Zoo gets PENGUINARIUM

    The Belgrade Zoo got its penguinarium, which will be the new home for 17 penguins, obtained from Vienna and the United Arab Emirates. Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, says that the amount between 350 and 400 thousand euros was invested in the penguinarium and that it was being built for several years. „The Belgrade Zoo has long been waiting for it. There are 17 penguins in it, seven of which were brought from Vienna, and 10 from the UAE. The penguins are a gift, that is, a donation of Vienna and the Emirates, and I thank the representative of the Embassy of the UAE for this gift,“ said Vesic. The deputy mayor said that they would continue to invest and reorganize the Belgrade Zoo. Director of the Belgrade Zoo, Srboljub Aleksic, has said that after more than three years, the facility is completely ready and it hosts a family of 17 Humboldt penguins. „The penguinarium is very specific. We consulted colleagues from other zoos and we have come up with one of the most modern penguinariums in Europe,“ said Aleksic. He thanked the Serbian embassy in the United Arab Emirates and the embassy of the Emirates in Serbia, who greatly helped the Belgrade Zoo get ten penguins. „This will probably be the biggest attraction in our zoo in the upcoming period. This type of penguins lives on the coasts of Chile and Peru in South America and it is used to these weather conditions,“ said the director of the Belgrade Zoo, adding that the interior space was designed to protect the penguins from excessive heat.

    Izvor: N1, Beoinfo

    Foto: Beoinfo

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