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    „Persistent“ PUBLIC BAILIFFS took over the plant in their 20th attempt

    Court bailiffs, accompanied by the police, took over the ball screw production facility at Cacak based „Fabrika rezanog alata“ (FRA), following 19th failed attempts. Workers have so far succeeded 19 times in preventing bailiffs from taking over the „Ball Screw“ facility, due to plant’s debt of RSD 1.5 million towards a private company from Cacak, that in the meantime increased to RSD 5.7 million with interests. Takeover of the facility was scheduled for Friday at 9 a.m., but heavy police forces blocked all access roads to the facility as early as 6.30 a.m. and they did not allow workers to reach the facility. To express their dissatisfaction, FRA workers protested in front of the Administration Building. Court bailiffs have changed lock on the facility, and enforcement will continue in the following days as well, when machines that have been there for 33 years will be taken from the facility. FRA’s „Ball Screw“ facility produced ball screws for missile defence systems. The facility was founded in 1986, following procurement of machines by the English manufacturer „Matrix“, each weighing several dozen tons.

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