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    Pensioners can be SEASONAL WORKERS

    Starting from this summer, pensioners will be able to do seasonal jobs, such as fruit picking, and their pensions will be neither reduced nor halted due to the money paid for this work.
    Pensioners from the category of the employees, as well as those who receive a family pension are entitled to work. According to the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, pensioners from the latter category will be able to start a new job only if the monthly wage they receive based on seasonal jobs is lower than the lowest insurance basis for the employees valid at the moment of the payment of contributions.
    However, if a disability pensioner was hired under the Law on Simplified Hiring for Seasonal Jobs, and if the payment of contributions for the pension and disability insurance must be made on that basis the Pension Fund can initiate the procedure of disability reassessment.
    Unlike them, the recipients of financial social assistance can work as seasonal workers, because the wage has no effect on realizing and exercising the right to financial social assistance.
    Namely, this law, which started being applied as of January this year, allows, for the first time, the payment of contributions for the years of service and taxes for seasonal workers in certain sectors. This applies to seasonal workers who work in forestry, agriculture and fishing.
    The purpose of adopting the law was to facilitate employers’ engagement of seasonal workers and enabling these workers to have all the rights related to their work which arise from this type of engagement.

    Izvor: Politika

    Foto: Pixabay

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