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    Path for EXPORT of Serbian products TO RUSSIA

    Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Branislav Nedimovic has said that „a path has been found for the export of Serbian products to Russia“, explaining that the goods go through Turkey and some Baltic countries.

    Nedimovic told Radio-televizija Srbije that the problem with apple export had been eliminated, and that in the previous month, Serbia exported more strawberries than in the same period last year.

    This is now “child’s play” compared to what awaits us

    The minister said that current developments on the food market in the world are „child’s play“ compared to what will happen in six months or a year, which is why, according to him, „the vigilance of all institutions“ in Serbia is required, recalling that three-month quotas for export had been adopted.

    „We have to balance, we must not get into a situation that we produce something, but not have enough for ourselves. There must be everything in Serbia and we must have enough for neighbours in the ‘Open Balkans’,“ Nedimovic said.

    Expected crop yields better than average

    He said that the wheat harvest would begin in about ten days and that he expected that Serbia, depending on meteorological conditions, would have „at least three million tons of yield, enough for the entire Balkans“.

    „Serbia spends 1.3 to 1.5 million tons (of wheat) for both bread and everything else, the rest goes to export,“ the minister said.

    Nedimovic also said that the barley harvest had begun and that the yield would be „better than the ten-year average, but not record-breaking“.

    Raspberry purchase price never higher

    Commenting on the price of raspberries, Branislav Nedimovic said that the purchase price had never been higher – RSD 600 in the Valjevo and Sabac regions, where raspberries were harvested first.

    He stated that Serbia had 20,000 hectares of raspberries, with 97 percent of raspberries going to export, mostly to France and Germany.

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