Optimism of Serbia’s finance directors

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    Optimism of Serbia’s finance directors

    Majority of Serbia’s finance directors, a total of 58 percent, is optimistic when it comes to financial perspective of enterprises in which they are employed, and 27 percent of them think that situation will remain unchanged, survey conducted by audit-consulting company Deloitte has shown.

    Sixty-seven percent of enterprises in Serbia that took part in the survey evaluate general degree of external financial and economic uncertainty with which those enterprises face as normal or lower, but 70 percent of finance directors who took part in the survey think that this is not a good moment for taking major risks in regards to enterprises’ balance sheets.

    Majority of respondents, 61 percent think that capital expenditure will not change, 91 percent believe that income tax rates will remain the same and everyone evaluate that there will be no change in VAT rates.

    Survey conducted among finance director in Central Europe has also shown that 55 percent of respondents in Serbia expect a decrease in unemployment rate in the following period, and same percentage has also expressed fear, i.e. expect increase in expenses of labour force.

    Majority of Serbia’s finance directors, 48 percent, thinks that their financial role of the company is well or very well prepared, while 42 percent evaluate they are solidly prepared.

    Finance directors chose automated data processing (64 percent) and automation and personalization of management reporting (58 percent) as the biggest priorities in digitalization of finance function.

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