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    One passage through Serbia as a 10-day VIGNETTE – do we pay for the most expensive ROAD TOLL?

    The road toll in Serbia is 12 percent more expensive as of today, thus one passage through Serbia along Corridor 10, from Subotica to Presevo, costs almost 2,000 dinars. At the same time, in most of the neighboring countries, which are members of the European Union, people can drive with no restrictions for at least seven days for an even lower amount. According to the data available on the Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia’s website, a weekly vignette for the use of highways in Bulgaria for passenger vehicles costs EUR 8, and EUR 15 for the whole month. You can travel through Hungary for EUR 10 for 10 days, while the highways in that country are available to you the whole month for EUR 16. In neighbouring Romania, a weekly vignette costs EUR 5, and a monthly vignette twice as much, while in Austria it is necessary to pay EUR 9 for using the highways for 10 days and EUR 26 for 60 days. In Slovakia, using the highways for 10 days costs EUR 10, and for an entire month you will need to pay EUR 14. Although the competent minister announced earlier that Serbia would switch to collecting road toll through vignettes, the idea was abandoned, and the minister often points out that the system we have is the most just because payment is based on the usage rate. It is up to you to answer the question of whether this is true if we take into account that a single ride through Serbia is more expensive than driving for 10 days through all of the above-mentioned countries. The idea of vignettes has obviously gone to history, but a new one has emerged – to pay for the use of main roads as well.

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