Pridružite se poslovnoj zajednici od 20000 najuspešnijih i čitajte nas prvi

    On the first day, more than 61,000 applications for vouchers already arrived

    How is the process of application for vouchers going and is there great interest of citizens?

    The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications has announced that 61,168 citizens’ applications have been received in just one day since the Government decided on additional 300,000 vouchers for subsidized holiday accommodation in Serbia.

    Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Tatjana Matic pointed out that she expected the vouchers to be distributed in a record time and she advised those who wanted to spend their holidays in Serbia to hurry.

    „By spending holiday in Serbia, we increase tourist turnover, as well as the accompanying service and economic activities, thus contributing to the economic growth of our country,“ Matic said.

    Citizens who have already exercised the right to a voucher of RSD 5,000 can start applying for an additional voucher worth RSD 10,000 for a holiday in Serbia as of today, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications announced.

    Registration takes place at the counters of the postal company Posta Srbije no later than 30 days before the beginning of the implementation of the travel package.

    Citizens should submit a completed Application for the allocation of vouchers for the subsidized use of hospitality services in hospitality facilities in 2022, which they will receive at the post office counter and submit the necessary documentation.

    Vouchers of RSD 5,000 are used only for accommodation services, and vouchers of RSD 10,000 are also used for accommodation and food services.

    Vouchers cannot be used to pay special services including drinks, health-related and other services, tourist tax.

    The deadline for using the vouchers in the amount of RSD 5,000 is November 20, and for using the vouchers in the amount of RSD 10,000 October 31, 2022. 300,000 vouchers have been allocated for holidays in Serbia, of which 200,000 in the value of RSD 15,000 and 100,000 in the value of RSD 10,000 for those who were entitled to a voucher in the amount of RSD 5,000 in 2022.

    The application for vouchers started on June 27.

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    Foto: Pixabay, Beta/Emil Vaš

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