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    „NO JOKE“: We are entering the THIRD WAVE, the peak is far away, and the state of emergency …

    It is clear that we are entering the third wave of the pandemic, but it is far from being at its peak, says epidemiologist and member of the Crisis Staff Predrag Kon.

    „We are only recording an increase which is going to last. We have a good period of growth ahead of us and our attempts to flatten the curve. It is clear that we are entering the third wave, and currently Belgrade is dominantly the fastest in that rise,“ Kon said in „Dan uzivo“ TV show on N1 TV station.

    He adds that in the last three days, there has been a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus cases, especially in the capital, but this is not yet visible through the admission of patients to hospitals.

    Commenting on the latest data, according to which more than 500 new patients have been registered in Serbia in the last 24 hours, he says that the situation should be monitored on a daily basis and that an extraordinary session of the Crisis Staff is therefore scheduled for Thursday.

    „Should we worry – we should worry. The medical part of the Crisis Staff has been having major concerns for the last ten days,“ says Kon.

    Asked if that concern could lead to the reintroduction of curfew, he said „frankly, not tomorrow, but we simply cannot remain completely against any possibility of restrictions that might be necessary in some future perspective.“

    „Whether it’s curfew or not, whether it’s a state of emergency or not, as an epidemiologist I don’t care. I’m interested in preventing contacts,“ as an example, stating that „we managed to prevent contacts in schools and we have evidence of that (there is no virus transmission in very schools)“, and the same surveillance systems exist in cinemas and theatres.

    We should think about banning movement in some form, to shorten something, to go only to the store, etc. For now, the state of emergency is not an option. We cannot give up if it is necessary to introduce a state of emergency, the epidemiologist said in a statement for the „Kurir“ daily newspaper.

    „This is not a joke, this is the third wave before winter, when virus has the highest potential. I think this has never been heard and I don’t think it is understood even now that its power is now at the highest level,“ he concluded.

    Izvor: N1, Kurir

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