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    Nis Airport issues press release: Allegations about losses are incorrect and MALICIOUS

    The public company Aerodrom Nis has stated that the allegations of the National Decentralisation Coalition (NKD) about the company’s operations and the losses amounting to RSD 13 million are „incorrect and malicious“. „In 2018, the airport suffered losses, however, the fact that NKD did not report, and it failed to seek explanation or reasons for the loss, is that in the period from 1 January to 15 August, the airport operated with a loss of over RSD 17 million, while in the months after the transfer of the founding rights from the City of Nis to the Republic of Serbia, the profit of over RSD 4 million was generated. This is evidenced by quarterly financial statements together with the Regular Annual Statement,“ it is stated in a press release of Nis Airport. It is stated that all the details of the business operation are documented in the Regular Annual Financial Statement, and they will be available to the public after its adoption within the legal deadline, by 30 June 2019. „The allegations that net salaries of the employees have been reduced are incorrect, and so are the insinuations that there is a plan to reduce employees’ salaries. In 2018, JP Aerodrom Nis employed 26 more employees on average than in 2017 (in 2017 the average number of employees was 111, while in 2018 there was an average of 137 employees) on the jobs that require secondary education, in order to realize an increased volume of traffic.“ The fact that labor costs were not lower in 2018 compared to 2017 proves that there was no reduction in salaries in 2018, thus the employees who worked in the same job posts did not receive lower salaries,“ said JP Aerodrom Nis. The statement says that the salaries of the employees paid in the amount of 87 percent of what was planned show that the amount for salaries is planned far more realistically than in the previous years.

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