New Year's lighting undergoing repair - Belgrade announces repair tender

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    New Year’s lighting undergoing repair – Belgrade announces repair tender

    The public utility company Javno osvetljenje Beograd has announced a tender for the repair of a total of 383 pieces of New Year’s lighting in Belgrade. The deadline for the submission of bids is September 26, and the selected contractors will have a deadline of 45 days to repair the lighting, including gates, ornaments in the form of gifts, chariots, horses, balls, fir trees or penguins. The criterion for awarding the contract, as stated in the tender documentation, is the lowest price offered, and the contractor is obliged to provide a one-year warranty, reports eKapija. From now on, online payment of TAX on business identification signs Through the Local Tax Administration portal,, an additional service has been enabled – electronic application for establishing the communal tax on posting business identification signs (on the premises), said the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED). “As of 2 September, all legal entities can apply electronically for the establishment of a communal tax on business identification signs on the premises. To be able to use this electronic service, users need to use a qualified electronic certificate, and legal entities can now complete the electronic application form for the tax on business identification signs online without going to the local tax office,” said Director of the IT and eGovernment Office, Mihailo Jovanovic, the statement says. Jovanovic pointed out that by constantly improving the existing services and providing new ones, the state wants to facilitate administrative procedures for natural persons and businesses, eliminate waiting in lines and put the work of public administration into the service of citizens. “Businessmen only need to log into the system and submit their information, and by reviewing their outstanding payments, they can immediately make an electronic payment. Instead of two hours, everything is finished in five minutes,” said NALED’s Director of Regulatory Reform, Jelena Bojovic. According to her, the additional advantage is that every company can check the amount of the current debit or subscription on the portal and make online payments. She stressed that she expected the World Bank to recognize this reform in its Doing Business report in the coming year and that Serbia would serve as a model for other countries.

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