New director introduces NEW CHANNEL of communication with employees in Posta Srbije

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    New director introduces NEW CHANNEL of communication with employees in Posta Srbije

    A new direct telephone line for communication between the director and employees was opened in the public company Posta Srbije today, and as many as 66 employees of this postal company took the opportunity to talk to acting director Zoran Djordjevic and executive directors for two hours today.

    Colleagues from all parts of Serbia called, wanting to share suggestions, problems, doubts with the director, but also to ask him about the plans for reorganization and modernization of business operation, Posta Srbije announced.

    They were also interested in other issues important for their employment status, salaries, the possibility of advancement, performance evaluation, and conversations with the employees were also conducted by the executive directors of Posta Srbije.

    “Professionally and personally, I am very interested in the opinions, suggestions, exchange of ideas with the employees, especially regarding the difficulties they were facing when performing everyday work,” said Djordjevic.

    According to him, active listening and direct communication contribute to the more successful organization and business operation, while care for the employees and active support are the motive for the introduction of this communication channel.

    “I am satisfied with the response of the employees, as well as with the quality proposals that I had an opportunity to hear today,” Djordjevic pointed out, after the end of the two-hour communication with the employees.

    Direct conversations between director Djordjevic and executive directors of the company with the employees, via a new communication channel, will become common practice in Posta Srbije, and they will be held on a monthly basis.

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