New conditions for women's retirement

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    New conditions for women’s retirement

    New rules for retirement will apply as of 2019. Any claim filed after December 31 st , 2018 will be subjected to new conditions that are changed for ladies and are different than those for men. The Law on Pension and Disability Insurance was amended in 2014. Since then, conditions for women’s retirement have been changing each year, and as a rule the age limit is shifting between two to six months a year.

    Starting with next calendar year, ladies who are sixty-two and a half years old and have minimum fifteen years of service can get an old-age pension. If they decide to retire in this year, mandatory conditions are sixty-two years of age and fifteen years of service.

    If they wish to get an early retirement, they need to be fifty-seven years old (instead of fifty-six years and four months for retirement in 2018) and 38 years and six months of service (instead of thirty-eight years of service in case they retire this year).

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