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    NBS analyses start-ups: Call for establishing Register of Start-ups

    The National Bank of Serbia has issued a public call to start-ups dealing with the creation of innovative products and services on the Serbian market and beyond to submit their data in order to establish a register of start-up companies in our country within the National Bank of Serbia. By searching this registry, potential clients of start-up companies, investors, researchers and others will be able to easily find information about the start-up ecosystem in our country, according to a statement issued by the NBS. As it is stated, the data obtained will also be important to the National Bank of Serbia for the further development of the registry in the form of a platform for the exchange and provision of information for the public and the start-up companies themselves. Through a detailed analysis of the data collected on start-ups, the National Bank of Serbia will be able to formulate even more efficient proposed measures for creating a more favourable business climate for legal entities and entrepreneurs.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Pixabay

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