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    NALED: In ten years, half of the recommendations for reducing bureaucratic procedures have been accepted

    Chairman of the Executive Board of the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), Dejan Djokic, said today that in the previous decade, ministries and other institutions in Serbia fully or partially accepted 101 out of 210 recommendations of the economy and professional public for simplifying bureaucratic procedures.

    At the 11th Annual NALED Conference „Grey Book 2019“, containing recommendations for simplifying bureaucratic procedures, he said that 12 recommendations were implemented last year, which is one third more than the previous annual average. According to him, this average is extremely low considering the total number of procedures in Serbia and the fact that some of them can be improved simply by the correction or changing the way the law is implemented without major financial costs.

    „Two systemic reforms were carried out last year and a major step forward was made in digitization because the „eSalter“ (eCounter) was opened with the Ministry of Construction and the Republic Geodetic Authority, which is a cadastre registration system which has enabled the number of electronic requests to reach 40% of all the procedures in the cadastre and to reduce the time of processing requests five times, from 25 to five days,“ Djokic said.

    He pointed out that NALED had made a major contribution to the reduction of the grey economy, together with the ministries of labour and agriculture through the development of a portal for the electronic registration of seasonal workers in agriculture.

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