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    MORE MONEY to young people who apply for the „My First Salary“ program

    The Serbian government adopted the amended Regulation on the youth employment promotion program „My First Salary“, which increased the amounts of financial compensation for unemployed young people who will be enrolled in that program according to the new Public Call.

    As it was announced, for young people with secondary education, the amounts were increased from RSD 22,000 to RSD 25,000 per month, and for young people with higher education from RSD 26,000 to RSD 30,000 per month.

    A new Public Call will be announced by the National Employment Service on Monday, August 22nd, and all information will be available on the websites: and

    So far, two cycles of the Program have been implemented, involving around 18,000 young people. The goal of the Program is to train for independent work 10,000 young people with secondary and higher education, up to the age of 30, without work experience, who are on the records of the National Employment Service.

    The program is implemented among employers belonging to the private or public sector, while priority is given to employers from the private sector, especially employers from devastated areas.

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