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    Momirovic: We have enough energy products, warehouses of commodity reserves are completely full

    We have enough energy products, warehouses of commodity reserves are completely full and we will ensure that all homes in our country are warm for our citizens in any weather conditions, said Minister of Trade Tomislav Momirovic after he held a meeting today on the premises of the Pozega petroleum product warehouse in Pozega, for the needs of the Republic Directorate for Commodity Reserves.

    „Given that at the end of this year we had 14,000 tons of fuel oil in the commodity reserves, the state bought 30,000 more tons of fuel oil so that the ‘cold’ winter from Eastern Europe would not spill over to our country and it thus showed that, as a state, we are keeping the consequences of the crisis faced by the whole Europe under control,“ the minister said.

    During today’s visit to Pozega, Minister Momirovic also visited the leather goods company Prince Leather, held a meeting with the management and, on that occasion, he pointed out that this was a serious family company, and that for the municipality of Pozega, which had developed incredibly in the previous period, it was important that companies like this needed to grow even more, get even better opportunities, employ even more people and make even greater profit.

    „The Government of the Republic of Serbia will always stand behind domestic brands, because our goal is to create conditions so that such companies can develop,“ Momirovic stressed.

    „This company is the pride of Pozega, and it is an exceptional honour to know that they are focusing on expanding their production and continuing the family tradition,“ concluded Mayor of Pozega, Djordje Nikitovic.

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    Foto: Ministarstvo unutrašnje i spoljašnje trgovine

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