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    Tomislav Momirović, rekonstrukcija Pančevca

    Momirovic: Reconstruction of Pancevo Bridge must begin soon

    Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia, Tomislav Momirovic, has said today that the reconstruction of the Pancevo Bridge must begin soon and that this is „being carefully analyzed“.

    „It is one of the most important bridges in Belgrade. We are certainly planning very carefully how to start the reconstruction of that bridge, while interfering with, i.e. slowing down, jeopardizing traffic the least possible,“ Momirovic said, without specifying the start date of the reconstruction.

    He said it was not a simple undertaking at all and „we do not want to approach it lightly“.

    Momirovic said that the reconstruction of the Pancevo Bridge was very important not only for the citizens of Pancevo and Belgrade, but also for entire Serbia.

    “We are carefully analyzing how we will approach the reconstruction. Whether we are going to build access roads first, then start closing lane by lane and reconstructing the bridge. It is very important for both rail and road transport. And we are absolutely aware of that,“ Momirovic told reporters in Kragujevac.

    Izvor: Beta/RTS

    Foto: Beta/AP

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