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    MK Group provides flight to the USA for Lana Jovanovic

    In the sea of negative news, entire Serbia has been gathered for months in relation to one topic: helping children suffering from rare diseases to receive some of the most expensive drugs in the world, which will prolong their lives.

    Fortunately, there is good news – the entire amount was collected for little Lana Jovanovic, who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, type 1.

    The amount of US$2.4 million was collected for the drug Zolgensma and the accompanying therapy, and since this drug can only be received in the USA, Lana could only get there by private flight, due to her sensitive health condition and the coronavirus epidemic.

    Thanks to Miodrag Kostic, president and Aleksandar Kostic, vice president of MK Group, the Jovanovic family managed to resolve this concern as well.

    Namely, a flight by private plane in these conditions costs several hundred thousand euros, but the representatives of the MK Group company decided to pay the full amount, and thus enabled the brave girl to get the much-needed medicine as soon as possible.

    „We are really grateful to Miodrag and Aleksandar Kostic from the MK Group company, who organized and financed a special flight for our Lana. It was the only way for Lana to arrive in San Diego quickly and safely to begin treatment. Once again, I thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who helped us in this fight for Lana’s health and life!“, said Aleksandra Jovanovic, Lana’s mother.

    Izvor: BIZlife

    Foto: MK Grupa

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