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    MITSUBISHI is coming to Serbia? President claims:Negotiations already last a YEAR

    Serbian President Aleksander Vucic has said that thenegotiations with Japanese Mitsubishi have already lasted for a year, but hedid not specify what they were about. „Mitsubishi and the Japanese are waiting for me in theoffice,“ President Aleksandar Vucic told TV Pink, but he did not want toreveal any details of the meeting with the businessmen from the land of therising sun. „We are talking aboutgood things, the contract will not be signed today, but we have been working onit for a year,“ Vucic said. It willbe revealed in the next few days what the interest of Mitsubishi and therepresentative of the Japanese company in Serbia is. „From the state of bankruptcy we have come to apositive balance. Some countries that are more economically developed than usdo not have the benefits that we have and receive. The Serbian economy isbooming and Serbia is moving ahead of everyone,“ said President AleksandarVucic.

    Izvor: TV Pink

    Foto: Pixabay

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