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    Ministry: Grants for NEW EQUIPMENT to 700 companies

    Thanks to the grants provided by the Ministry of Economy, almost 700 small and medium enterprises in Serbia will get new equipment for work, the Ministry has stated.

    According to the Ministry assessment, these data are especially important in the year after the crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic, which has delivered a blow to the sector of small and medium enterprises.

    „Through the Support Program for small and medium enterprises for the procurement of equipment in 2021, intended for micro, small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and cooperatives, almost 700 requests in the amount of (approximately) RSD 1.9 billion in grants were approved in six months only, while the value of investments of approved requests amounts to (approximately) RSD 9.7 billion“, the statement reads.

    The amount of RSD 2.05 billion has been allocated for this program and it is a combination of 25 percent of non-refundable funds, 70 percent of a favourable loan from a bank or leasing company, while five percent is provided by the company itself.

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