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    HYPER-PRODUCTION of domestic series in Serbia

    100 new titles of domestic series have been broadcast for the first time in Serbia in the last four TV seasons, according to data from the panel „Explosion of series in the region“ at the Weekend Media Festival held in Rovinj.

    The number of premieres of domestic series has been growing rapidly since 2018, and in this period the number of shows that were produced amounts to the number equal to the one of series filmed in the past nine seasons.

    When we take a look at the duration, this is more than 500 hours of domestic content this season, and a total of 2,341 hours in four years, while 2,233 hours were broadcast in previous 15 years.

    „It would take 27 days to watch all the new series, if you do not sleep“, moderator Alen Stevanovic from Prva TV said.

    In terms of genre, by 2018, comedies accounted for 60 percent of titles, drama for 27 percent, and then series inspired by events from the past.

    „Since 2018, comedies have still been dominant, but genres such as crime or thriller are emerging, interest in events and characters from the past is also increasing and the number of telenovelas is going up as well,“ Stevanovic said.

    Executive director of Adrenalin company from Serbia and the producer of the „Besa“ series, Tea Korolija, commenting on the fact this is the first series from Serbia sold to a foreign market, says that if a story is good, it travels easily.

    „This is good for our entire market. We are currently negotiating with other markets as well,“ Korolija said, noting that one good series requires at least two years of work.

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