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    Minister Mali : Average salary in December 2023 will be 820 euros

    Finance Minister Sinisa Mali has said that the average salary in December this year will be 720 euros, and that in the same month of 2023, the average salary will be 820 euros.

    „We are fully on track to fulfilling the promise that by the end of the government term, the average salary in Serbia will be 1,000 euros,“ Mali said.

    He stated that Serbia had 3.9 billion euros in investments last year and that it was very important to continue with the construction of highways and railways, as well as economic zones, so that Serbia could attract investors.

    He added that at the moment, all countries in the world were in trouble because the covid crisis was connected with the conflict in Ukraine and the energy crisis, which, as he explained, caused a number of disruptions on the market, problems in supply chains and consequently left people without jobs.

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